The other day I got a spy virus on my PC when I accessed a very famous torrent download website . The fact is that I downloaded the torrent file and when I ran it, it did nothing… reviewing it I realized that it took up more than 1 megabyte… They had put a Trojan on my PC , after thinking about everything a lot I managed to find a tutorial to remove a torrent Trojan virus in Windows 10 . That is why I have considered that it would be very useful to bring this tutorial to the MrAppsGeek, so I invite you to read it to the end.

What Is A Trojan Virus And How Does It Work?

A Trojan virus takes its name from the mythical story of the Trojan Horse , hence its name… “Trojan” . Basically, what it does is install itself on our PC without us noticing . Whether through a photograph, a program, a torrent file

The dangers of these spy viruses are many , among which are: password theft, data theft, bitcoin mining … among others.

How to Remove Trojans in Windows 10

Today I am going to show you a method to solve this problem without any program to eliminate Trojans , we will do it with a tool that comes with Windows called CMD .

Remove Trojan From Windows 10 With CMD

The first thing we must do to eliminate the Trojan from CMD is to go to the bottom left at the start and then look for “Cortana” and enter inside.

Once inside “Cortana” we must write “CMD” , then write “Command Prompt” and with the right button we open it by clicking on “Run as Administrator” .

Netstar -ano Command

In “System Prompt” we must write “Netstat -ano” (without quotes of course) and press “Enter” .

Now we will see a list with all the programs that are running on 2 plane . Of these programs we must look at those that put the value “Established” which is what indicates that said program is transferring data (indication of possible spy virus on PC ). We must also look at the “PID” number , which is the value with which a specific program is identified .

But… how do I find out the program that corresponds to its «PID» number? Well, easy, for this we have tools like the “Task Manager” . To enter it, right-click on the taskbar and click on “Task Manager” .

To detect Trojans with the “File Manager” we must click on “Details” and then on “PID” .

To find out if I have a spy virus on my PC , we go to CMD and we take any “PID” number (that has the ESTABLISHED value) and we must compare it with the “PID” number of the “Task Manager” .

We take any “PID” value.

We compare it with our “Task Manager” to find out if I have a Trojan on my PC .

As you can see, the “PID” value 17936 corresponds to Google Chrome , so it is not a Trojan virus . But the thing does not end here, we must do the same with all the «PID» values ​​that are «Established» .

To find out if I have a Trojan virus on my Windows 10 PC , you will have to check all the “PIDs” with Google searches . In the case of detecting a Trojan , you must go to “Control Panel” and eliminate it as if it were an ordinary program .

If you still have questions about how to remove a Trojan virus in Windows 10 , you can leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Please, if this content has been useful to you, do not hesitate to share it with your social networks, that helps me a lot :), thank you!