How To Remove All Followers On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular and used social networks in the world, and being aware of its spread, he has created a profile on the latter to keep up with what his friends and some celebrities post.

Over time, you must have changed your mind: following everyone’s feed and stories has become almost a chore, so you want to “clean up” a bit and stop following people you don’t think are worthy of your real interest. More precisely, you know how to remove all followers on instagram so you can “reset” everything without creating a new account.

If so, don’t worry: if you give me a few minutes of your precious free time, we can provide you with all the information you need to do so using some official tools.

How To Remove All Followers On Instagram

To remove all followers from Instagram, you can use a specific function offered by the well-known social network for photos belonging to Facebook.

Therefore, in the following chapters we will explain how to do it using the official Instagram app for Android and iPhone, and from a computer using Instagram’s official website and its app for Windows 10.

Android And iPhone

If you want to remove someone you follow on Instagram using the special “default” feature included in the Android or iPhone app, follow these instructions:

First, you have several ways to do it:

  • Launch a well-known image social networking application and, if necessary, log in to your account.
  • Now go to your profile section on the main Instagram screen by clicking on your thumbnail in the bottom right corner.
  • At this point, click on “Follow” next to your profile and you will see a list of the people you follow.
  • Now, to stop following someone, scroll through the list presented to you.
  • Tap the follow button and stop following, tap stop following.
  • You can also stop following users on Instagram by opening their profile.
  • So, using the Instagram search engine (magnifying glass icon), type the name of the user of interest and click on the corresponding search result that appears.
  • When you see that user’s profile, tap the “Follow” button, then tap the words “Unfollow” in the menu that appears to stop following.

Apparently, the recently discontinued option is completely reversible, so you can always go back to following someone on Instagram, identify their profile and hit the “follow” button.

On Computer

You can also stop following all Instagram users by accessing the web version of the service or using its app for Windows 10 operating system:

in both cases, the procedure to follow is the same, so first:

  • Log in to Instagram (if necessary).
  • Then click on the little man icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the Profile item in the menu that appears to open your profile screen.
  • Now, on the page that appears, click on the text after the profile and press the Follow Now button on the name of the user you wish to unfollow.
  • Press the Stop Following button to confirm the Stop Following action.
  • Alternatively, you can use Instagram’s search engine to search for the profile of a user you do not wish to follow.
  • When their profile appears, press the button with the little man symbol and click on the “Stop following” entry in the menu that appears to stop following them.

if in doubt, you can go back to the profile of the user you stopped following and follow him again by clicking the Follow button next to the user’s username to track his activity.

Free Program To Remove Followers On Instagram

Do you want to speed up the process of deleting the profile you are following on Instagram and know if there is an application to remove followers on Instagram? In this case, we have to inform you that yes, there are apps in the Android and iOS stores that promise to help you in this, but I strongly advise against using them. In fact, you should know that Instagram discourages the use of third-party apps that are not directly related.

Linking your Instagram account to a third-party app also puts you at risk of serious privacy violations. Also, keep in mind that mass tracking is against the terms of service.