How to Remove High Contrast in Windows 10 Easy and Fast

Windows 10 puts a lot of effort into helping users who have visual issues. In fact, in MrAppsGeek we have already done some tutorials in which we showed you how to activate or deactivate the colorblind mode , put on and remove the black and white colors and even deactivate the inverted colors . However, some more features that help what they do is annoy, as is the case of the high contrast of Windows 10 , would you like to know how to remove it ? Well, below we will explain how to do it easily and quickly.

What Is And What Is High Contrast In Windows 10?

It is a way in which Windows 10 integrates a high contrast environment , this is intended to create a more optimized work environment for users who have vision problems with darker colors.

How to Disable High Contrast in Windows 10 Step by Step 2023

However, despite the fact that this mode is made to help the user, the truth is that it is quite annoying, if we add to this that on some occasions it can be activated by mistake, the situation can be quite frustrating. For this reason, many readers have asked us if it is possible to remove the high contrast in Windows 10 , which is why we have seen ourselves in the commitment to carry out this tutorial.

Can’t Remove High Contrast In Windows 10

If you have problems disabling this mode, don’t worry, you just have to follow the steps that we will indicate below.

High Contrast Settings In Windows 10 2023

The first thing we will have to do is press the following quick keyboard shortcut :

  • Windows + I.

Then we will enter “Personalization” .

  1. Then we must enter the “Themes” section .
  2. We are located on the right side of the screen and enter “High Contrast Settings” .

How to Remove High Contrast in Windows 10 Easy and Fast 2023

  1. On the next screen we go to “High Contrast” .
  2. We will only have to deactivate the corresponding tab.

And this would be the result, as you can see we have recovered normality in terms of colors.

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