How to Remove Icons From the Desktop Screen on Android

We have already seen unusual tutorials on the MrAppsGeek, such as how to add emoticons to Android desktop icons , add a description to a WhatsApp group or how to send edited photos with emojis and drawings via WhatsApp . Today, however, we are going to see something as common as removing icons from the desktop screen on Android, but that is not the case… We are going to teach you how to remove them with style .

How to Delete an Icon from the Cell Phone Screen

Removing icons from the screen on Android is the easiest thing in the world, so we are going to explain two methods to do it . The first would be to learn how to remove icons from the cell phone screen in the traditional way , which is not very mysterious, however, the second method is much more interesting since it will allow us to remove icons from the desktop in less than 1 second and… WITH STYLE .

Clear Screen Icons – Method 1

This method is as simple as long -pressing on a desktop icon . If we have done it right we will see the following menu:

  • Eliminate.
  • Application Information.
  • Edit.

We will only have to click on “delete” to remove the icon from the screen of any cell phone .

How to Remove Icons from the Cell Phone Screen in Less Than 1 Second – Method 2

If you want to delete icons from the desktop screen on Android in less than 1 second and with style , I recommend the following trick .

Press the icon for a few moments and pull it as quickly as possible towards the top of the screen . It will literally shoot out of the phone screen with a fun and stylish animation like a boss . Here is a video so you can see how this trick works .

Well, if you have any questions about how to delete an icon from the cell phone screen, you can always comment on it in the comment box. I would greatly appreciate your support by sharing the article on social media. Thank you for your interest and visit.