How to Remove “MEET” Tab in Gmail easily and quickly

If you have reached this article on our technology blog, it is because when you access your Google mail application you have noticed that a new tab called “Meet” appears just below on the right . Personally, I prefer the old design of this app to manage emails , so today we are going to learn how to remove the “Meet in Gmail” tab step by step .

What Is The Gmail Meet Tab And What Is It For?

This tab is part of the new Google initiative called “Meet” whose objective is to facilitate the use of video conferences through its different tools. That is why we have implemented an annoying tab called “Meet” to help us make video calls even from the Google email manager.

How to Hide Meet in Gmail Easy and Fast 2023

The problem is that this option takes up a lot of space in the bottom of the email manager, so it can be very annoying. Luckily below we will tell you the steps to hide “Meet” in Gmail step by step .

How to get rid of Google Meet in Gmail step by step 2023

The first thing we must do to remove “Meet” from Gmail is open the application and select the 3 horizontal lines on the top left. Once this is done we will see a left side menu which we must go to the bottom and select “Settings” .

Now we will see a list with all the email accounts linked to our device. We must choose the one in which we want to make the Google Meet option disappear .

On the next screen we will scroll down a bit until we reach the option that says “Show the Meet Tab for Video Calls” , we uncheck it .

And voila, with this we will have deactivated Gmail Meet forever .

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