How to Remove Movies and Series from Continue Watching on Netflix

Netlix has a section called my activity table where it provides us with a multitude of valuable information about our profile. The fact is that it is in this section where the movies and series that we have seen accumulate . It is possible that in this case you want to know how to remove series and movies from continuing to watch on Netflix , we will show you as always easily and step by step.

How I See My Activity On Netflix

To see our activities on Netflix we will only have to enter our account. Once inside, click on the top left on the 3 horizontal lines .

Now a menu will appear, we go down to the bottom and click on our account.

We will see a menu where we will be redirected to an Android browser . In my case I chose Google Chrome.

And now we know how to enter the My Activity section . Now we are going to the important thing and it is how to eliminate series from continuing to watch on Netflix .

Remove Movies And Series From Continue Watching On Netflix

To delete series and movies to continue watching we will have to look for the section that says “Viewing Activity” .

Select Viewing Activity

Once this option is found, click on it.

Once inside you will be able to see all your Netflix history in relation to the movies and series you follow , you will know it because it matches your “continue watching” section .

Delete Series From Continue Watching

Select a series or movie that you want to delete from your history and click on the “X” section.

Now it will ask us : Do you want to delete the series? , click on that option.

Once this is done, the following will be communicated to us:

“I know will delete your viewing activity from all your devices within 24 hours.”

Clear Netflix History On Smart TV

Let me tell you that to delete the Netflix My Activity table on your Smart TV you will only have to follow the aforementioned steps. This is because deleting the “continue watching” series or movies from your account will remove them from all devices that are linked to it, including of course your Smart TV .

I hope this tutorial has helped you to keep your Netflix “continue watching” section updated , for my part I can only tell you that if you have any questions, write me below in the comment box. Do not forget to share this article on your social networks and thanks for being there.