You wake up one day, you look at your Smartphone and you see that on the screen it says… «Safe Mode» , but… what is this? Contrary to what you might think, this is a fairly common error on Android , it may be that you are with your mobile and it freezes and then it restarts in a strange way to end up seeing that when it restarts it puts the “Safe Mode” screen on the screen . How is this solved?

What Is Safe Mode And What Is It For?

The safe mode in Android is a special boot (which, like in Windows), allows us to recover the system since it is responsible for omitting any external application that is not from the system at boot . In this way we can uninstall the applications that are causing problems or a malfunction in the terminal. The problem is that there are times when our mobile starts in this mode or we accidentally enable it, now we will see how to easily remove safe mode on Android .

How to remove safe mode on android

To disable safe mode in Android we must turn off the terminal. With the mobile off, we must turn it on and while it turns on press the volume button down .

How to Activate Safe Mode on Android

It is possible that your Smartphone presents problems and what you want is to enable the safe mode in Android . To do this, the first thing we must do is turn off the mobile , once we have the mobile turned off, we turn it on by pressing the volume button up until it turns on . We will know that we are in this special mode because on the screen we will see that it says “Safe Mode” .

Video On How To Activate And Deactivate Safe Mode In Android

Then I leave you a video of how to remove the safe mode of a Samsung .

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