How to remove the background of images instantly

Not only those of us who manage websites, but all the people who from time to time have to make compositions with images, in order to complete a design job, need a tool that allows us to remove the background of an image, converting it, if necessary. possible, transparent.

So we can get a clean image, or make a composition of several images, and include the results on a page or put them as part of a document. There are some desktop applications that include this functionality, but it doesn’t hurt to know of an online tool that does the same thing and does it well.

What does Background Burner allow?

Background Burner allows us to remove the background of an image without having to make complex adjustments, the whole process is done easily. You just have to select the photo or image that you want to modify and activate the process. The program will display the results automatically. We must opt ​​for the image that we consider best, the one that best suits our claims. The last step will consist of downloading the image without background to our computer. We can select, for the download, the JPG or PNG format, with a white or transparent background.

It is not the first time we have talked about an application of this type. Thus, we can cite as references Remove the background in images with Clipping Magic and How to remove the background from photos automatically . But there is more…

Some features

Those responsible for Background Burner explain that the software on which their tool is based “  quickly  removes the background  of any image or photo. Our patented technology does all the work for you, automatically.” If you want to get an image with a transparent background, in PNG format, originally with a white background, you can also get it. Images can be uploaded using the familiar drag and drop system, or by selecting them from where they are stored.


If we get an image that has not completely removed the background, we can select the retouch option . A series of interactive tools will be activated that will serve to refine the image, leaving a clean background.

On the site they clearly explain everything that is possible to do with this tool. In addition to removing the background, you can add a new one using the gallery offered by those responsible for the application.


The people behind Background Burner offer developers full access to the API, which can be used for application development. Access Background Burner to use this tool and examine all its features. In addition to the free version, there is also a professional version of the program, intended for small businesses and merchants.