How to repair damaged Excel files

It is one of the best-known applications for creating spreadsheets. We are referring to Excel , a tool developed by Microsoft valid for Windows, macOS and iOS and Android mobile devices. It includes everything you need to carry out your work successfully: calculation elements, graphic tools, creation of dynamic tables and a programming language that allows expert users to add more elements.

At any time we can be upset if the file, created with Excel, appears damaged. We try to open it, using all the means at our disposal and we are not able. What can we do?

Use Recovery Toolbox for Excel online

In order to recover the damaged file we must access Recovery Toolbox for Excel online . With it we can get what we want easily. We just have to follow a few simple ones to return the file to its original state. These are:

  • We must load the file by clicking on the Select file button . We can upload an Excel file with an xls, xlt, xlsx, xlsm, xltm, xltx or xlam extension.
  • Next, you must indicate an email account.
  • To indicate that we are not a robot, we will have to enter the characters of the captcha code that is indicated, and click on the Next button .
  • We will have to wait for a short period of time until the recovery is consumed.
  • The last step to carry out is to download the recovered Microsoft Excel file.

The recovered files are saved with the XLSX extension, the format that began to be used with the 2007 version of Microsoft Excel, and continues to be used in later versions.

Recovery can be performed on any computer or mobile device. You just have to open the web browser to carry out the process. Those that cannot be recovered are password-protected files. In very special cases it is also not able to recover some types of data.

Restore Microsoft Excel files with the Recovery Toolbox application

If we work regularly with Microsoft Excel documents, it is best to download and install Recovery Toolbox for Excel . With this application we can do everything explained, and much more, with a tool installed on our computer.

After downloading and installing the aforementioned application, we will have to do the following to recover any file created with Microsoft Excel:

  • Run Recovery Toolbox for Excel .
  • On the first page of the tool we select the damaged Excel file.
  • Click on the Analyze button .
  • Before proceeding with the recovery we will be able to see in detail how the file remains with the corrections made.
  • When we see that everything is fine, we will only have to click on the Start recovery button . We can Save the file obtained or Export Excel if we want to add the data to a file with content.

It is a complete application, very easy to use, which offers great features. It repairs all types of Excel files and recovers all included data. It does not matter where the damage is located.


As we have seen, we have two tools to recover damaged Excel files, one online and the other that can be installed on a Windows computer. The first can be freely used by any user. The second can be downloaded and tested for free and, if we are satisfied, buy a license.