This morning something curious happened to me, I was working with my web pages and suddenly Google Chrome stopped working . At first I thought it was due to Internet connection problems so I decided to restart the PC . When Win 10 rebooted at first everything seemed fine but once again I had problems navigating in Google Chrome which was stressful. Luckily, and after seeing some tutorials I managed to solve this issue , that’s why I decided to do this tutorial with tips to repair Google Chrome .

Google Chrome Not Responding

If this has happened to you, the first thing you should do is follow these steps, remember… one after the other in this way you can repair Google Chrome easily and quickly .

Check Your Connection

It is possible that Google Chrome is not responding because you are having problems with your connection . To do this, go to the bottom right of the taskbar and check that the Internet signal is arriving correctly.

Try Another Browser

In the event that the Internet connection reaches you well , test if this problem when browsing with Google Chrome can be extrapolated to other browsers . Try, for example, Internet Explorer , if you can navigate correctly it is an unequivocal sign that Google Chrome has stopped working .

Try Google Chrome In Incognito Mode

If Google Chrome does not load , try to access incognito mode , it is very likely that this will work for you since this mode does not load cache, cookies, or extensions . To access the incognito mode of Google Chrome we go to the top right of the browser in the ellipsis and click on “New Incognito Window” .

Clear Cache And Cookies

If Chrome does not load some pages, it is very likely that it is a cache problem , so you should completely delete the cache of Google Chrome . To do this, go to the top right of the browser where the 3 ellipses are> More Tools> Clear browsing data.

Once inside we click on “Clear Data” and that’s it.

Disable Extensions

Finally, to repair Google Chrome, this is the only method on the list that finally worked for me and that was to disable extensions , specifically Adblock . The strangest thing is that I had been using Adblock for weeks and it wasn’t until I disabled it that I couldn’t solve the problems to navigate in Google Chrome . To delete an extension, place the mouse over it, press the right button and click on delete .

I hope that with these steps you have been able to repair Google Chrome easily , if you want you can leave me a comment below and we will see it. Do not forget to share this tutorial if it has been useful to you, that helps me a lot, thanks for your support!