Harassment On YouTube

Harassment by subscribers to youtubers is something very common nowadays. Whether it’s because you idolize your favorite YouTuber or just hate him, comments can be an easy tool to do gratuitous damage to the content creator .

Why Report Youtube Comment?

Well, for the simple reason that comments are one of the most visited areas of a video in question and it is not pleasant to find unfortunate messages from “haters”, since remember, other users may feel offended by the comment itself even if it is directed at your work or your person. This is why as a moderator you are responsible whether you decide to report a YouTube comment or not.

How To Report A Comment On YouTube 2023

The first thing we must do is enter the video where the unfortunate comment is . Once located, click on the 3 points on the right to report a comment on YouTube .

Report Comment YouTube 2023

Once the 3 points have been pressed we will see a menu with the following options.

  • Set ( sets the comment to the top).
  • Delete (deletes said comment).
  • Report (report comment on YouTube).

The option that interests us is “Report” , click on it.

Now we will get a menu with different options to report the comment (some very serious). Before pressing the correct option, assess where said unfortunate comment best fits . In my case I have chosen the option of “harassment (bullying) or harassment” since he has made a quite offensive comment about me .

For this reason I choose the option of “harassment against me” . Once finished, we will press the “Report” box .

Well, if you have had any questions about reporting a comment on Youtube, you can tell me about your problems in the comments section. I hope I have been helpful and remember to share the content, thanks for your interest and visit.