How to REQUEST A SERIES OR MOVIE FROM Netflix With Title Request

This platform is characterized by the possibility of watching series online at a reasonable price and we even have the possibility of sharing an account with other users, which greatly reduces its price . The truth is that the content it offers is brutal and very varied, that does not mean that we do not miss any other series , luckily we are provided with a tool called “Title Request” with which we can request a series or movie from Netflix .

Request Content From Netflix

It should be noted that requesting titles from Netflix is ​​not something immediate , basically they put the movies or series that the audience demands the most , so do not be surprised if your consideration is not taken into account.

How to Ask Netflix for a Series 2023

If you’re wondering how to ask Netflix to add movies , we have a tool called “Title Request” that comes in handy.

Request Films From The Platform

The first thing we must do is enter “Title Request” from the following link . Once inside we must log in with our account (although we can enter as a guest). If we have done it correctly we will see a screen like the one below.

We will have up to the possibility of making 3 requests for series or movies . Once the 3 boxes are filled in, click on the one that says “I am not a robot” and click on “Submit Suggestion” .

Well, if you have any questions about how to ask Netflix for a series or a movie , you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Thank you for everything you have the social media buttons at your disposal to share this content.