How to Request Work Life by SMS

Does it happen to you like me that it takes longer and longer for you to receive the work life report? Well, you should know that it is no longer delivered by hand since now you have to get your working life with SMS . Therefore, we are going to see a tutorial to know how to request the work life by SMS.

This is just one of the options, you can also not only apply for employment by SMS but also by phone or Internet. Here is a video from the official citapreviainem website so that you can get an idea of ​​how to request the work life application with SMS or other different ways.

It should be noted that working life access via SMS , telephone or Internet is equally valid .

The Importance of Up-to-Date Work Life

This document allows us to know the contribution bases of our working life . Since we will have access to the entire history of quotes.

This is very important to consult from time to time, especially if we start working in a new company , in this way we will know if the employer complies with his obligations to register us with social security .

How to Request Work Life by SMS

Until now this document was only accessible via Internet or Telephone. Now you can access the employment history report by SMS without the need for a target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>digital certificate .

Work Life SMS Step By Step

The first thing we have to do to receive the SMS working life is to make sure that the Social Security (TGSS) has updated all our data. So that once we make the request for work life by SMS, the data on the form matches the database.

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Work Life SMS Request

You can fill out the work life application with SMS from the following link:

Once we have entered the web to obtain the working life with SMS to the mobile , we click on “access to the service”.

Now, in order to follow the step-by-step SMS tutorial to access working life, we will have to fill in our data in the next section.

Now we accept and they will send us a code to access the SMS work life report .

Thanks to the SMS short message services we will receive the code to the mobile which we must enter in “enter your code”.

Now we will get a screen like this in which it will tell us that ” SMS work life is generating your report “.

Finally, a report of your working life is generated , which you can download in PDF format.

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