How to Restore Factory Defaults of ANY BQ AQUARIS

Recently my brother came to me complaining about his Wiko brand mobile. He kept telling me how bad his cell phone was doing and how much he missed his old Bq Aquaris 5 , which he had forgotten in a drawer since it was left in an infinite bootloop . As it could not be otherwise, I offered to reset his Bq Aquaris 5 off , that is what gave me the idea of ​​this post which I have titled how to restore factory settings of any BQ AQUARIS .

Restore Factory Defaults Of ANY BQ AQUARIS

I have to make it clear that despite factory resetting my brother’s Bq Aquaris 5, this tutorial is valid for restoring factory settings of any Bq Aquaris range .

Materials To Reset Factory Values ​​Of Any BQ

To restore your Bq Aquaris to the factory you will need these materials:

  • Mobile Bq To Restore.
  • A Charger Cable.
  • a pc.

Download The Necessary Tools To Restore Factory Settings Bq Aquaris

The first thing you should do to reset the bq mobile to the factory is to enter the BQ website and download the necessary tools:

Locate the model of your device (in my case I downloaded Bq Aquaris 5 )

Now we download the firmware version corresponding to the chosen model (in my case Firmware 2.1.1 (Android 4.4.2).

We also download the utility package .

Now we go to the Driver&tool folder and unzip it with Winrar and we will have 3 folders left :

  • Driver Hard Reset
  • MTK FlashTool
  • firmware

Now the next thing is to enter the folder called Driver Hard Reset and run the file install . A window will appear asking for your permission to install the app.

To Reset BQ Aquaris Off Connect It To Your PC

Now is the time to connect your turned off BQ to your PC .

MTK Flash Tool folder

Now we go to the MTK Flash Tool folder and run FlashTool.EXE . Now a window will open, you must click where it says “Scatter Loading” and a window will open, it is time to go to the Firmware folder and select the text file and press open.

Now again in the drop down menu select Firmware Upgrade .

Now then we press Download . We will have to wait for the process to finish to restore the BQ Aquaris from the factory . Once it is finished, they will notify us with a window that will say “Download OK” .

And that’s it… we already know how to restore factory values ​​of any BQ Aquaris . If you have had problems with the process, leave me a comment below and we will discuss it together. If this article has been useful to you, do not hesitate to share it. Thank you very much for your time!