How to restore Windows 11 to a previous point

Restoring Windows 11 to a previous point is a resource that every user should know since no one is free from not receiving a boot failure , registry error or having our PC infected with a virus . That is why in these situations you could always restore the computer to a previous date in which everything worked correctly. At this point it is possible that all this sounds a little complicated to you, although in reality it is a very simple process that will only take a few seconds following the steps that we indicate in MrAppsGeek .

What Is Restore Windows 11 System To Previous Point And What Is It For?

It means to reload the configuration of the equipment to a date in which the PC worked perfectly . In this way we will be able to start our computer without any problem and uninstall any programs that may have presented incompatibilities in the system.

How To Restore Windows 11 System To A Date Before 2023

First of all, we must have previously created a restore point.

To recover Windows 11 to a previous point, the first step would be to follow these instructions:

  1. We select the search icon from the taskbar.
  2. We write “Create a Restore Point” (without quotes).
  3. We entered the best match.

How To Reset Windows 11 To A Point Before 2023

Once inside “System Properties” to reset the Windows 11 computer to a previous date we must select the section that says “System Restore” .

Select “Next” on the screen .

Here we will have a list with all the restoration points , we must choose the one that best suits our needs.

Finally we will give it to configure by placing the cursor on finish.

A window will appear in which we are informed that it is not possible to interrupt system restore and if we want to continue to which we will answer “YES” .

And that’s how easy you can restore Windows 11 with a restore point . If the process has not been clear to you, you can always leave me a comment and I will try to respond as soon as possible. Do not forget that you can support this content by sharing it with your friends and family through your social networks. Thank you for all your support!