How to safely upgrade to Windows 11

This is the latest Windows update. We are referring to Windows 11, a version of the operating system created and maintained by Microsoft that is not valid for all computers. Hence the need to have one or more tools that provide us with everything necessary to know if the update is possible and, if the answer is positive, to proceed with it.

Aomei offers us a tool for optimization and making a backup in the event that we are willing to proceed with the system update to Windows 11. With what is offered, we can solve all the problems that may arise before and after the update.

What does the Aomei tool offer us?

If we want to carry out the update, it is best to proceed to what we explain below. With this we will ensure that our computer continues to function without problems, without failures. These are the aspects to take into account:

Before the update

First of all we will have to make a backup copy of all the content that we have on the computer. If we don’t, we risk losing the data stored on the hard drive. To avoid this, we must download for free and use the tool that is offered to us.

It is convenient to create an ISO copy of Windows 11 on an external USB drive. This will help us to check if the computer works or not, as it did with Windows 10. To use this tool we must start the computer from the indicated USB drive.

It will be necessary to check if the computer meets all the necessary requirements for Windows 11 to run. We will also be told everything we have to do to install the new Windows operating system.

In the event that the computer cannot be updated

There are several problems that can arise when upgrading to Windows 11. These are the two most relevant:

  • If we have a computer that is working with MBR, it will have to be converted to GPT. This will enable UEFI Boot Mode, which brings with it Secure Boot for upgrading to Windows 11.
  • In the event that the computer is not compatible with Windows 11, it will be possible to create a backup image of said system and use it on another computer that meets the requirements.

After upgrading

In the event that we are carrying out the update to Windows 11 and a failure occurs, we can proceed to restore the Windows 10 system. This is also valid for users who verify that, after using it for a certain period of time the new operating system, the performance is low.

If you have lost important partitions after upgrading to Windows 11, there is a chance to recover them easily.

To consider

All of the above can be done after downloading and installing the tool corresponding to each action. You just have to access the Aomei page intended to obtain these solutions .