How to save battery in LoL Wild Rift to the maximum

Have you downloaded League Of Legends Wild Rift and have you noticed that the battery flies? . Don’t worry, this is something normal since any mobile game that uses an Internet connection usually uses up a lot of energy , so this Moba for PC adapted to mobile phones was not going to be different. However, if what you want is to extend your games over time without using a charger, then in MrAppsGeek you will learn some tricks to save battery life in LoL Wild Rift to the maximum .

How To Save Battery In League Of Legends Wild Rift To The Maximum 2023

First of all, I advise you that if you want to have an infinite battery when playing League Of Legends Wild Rift , my advice is that you apply all the tricks that you are going to see below at the same time. In this way you will be able to save up to 40% of battery while you play LoL Mobile.

Lower the graphic quality to the minimum

The first advice to prolong the games of LoL Mobile without charging the Smartphone is without a doubt to lower the graphic quality of the game to a minimum. To carry out this, the first thing we will have to do is enter the “Settings” of the game.

Within “Settings” we do the following:

  1. We enter “Graphics”.
  2. We select “Performance”.
  3. Shadow quality: Low.
  4. Texture quality: Low.
  5. Model quality: Low.
  6. Effects Quality: Low.
  7. Disable 60 FPS in Wild Rift (this uses a lot of energy).
  8. Resolution: Low.

We scroll a bit on the screen and configure the graphic options as follows:

  1. Post Processing: Disable.
  2. Floating text: Disable.
  3. Interface animations: Disable.
  4. Character Silhouette: Off.

Undoubtedly, if you have Wild Rift graphics in ultra quality , you will have very few battery hours, so the previous options will help you get the best performance out of the game, saving a lot of energy.

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Disable Automatic Phone Sync

The automatic synchronization of phone accounts spends a lot of energy since the device is constantly in charge of checking if there are pending notifications or emails in the email tray. That is why deactivating this function will help you extend Wild Rift games over time without using a charger , to deactivate this function we must enter “Settings” and then “Accounts” .

In the next screen we will deactivate this option that consumes a lot of energy .

Activate the battery saving mode of the mobile and deactivate GPS, Bluetooth..

Activate the energy saving mode of your mobile and deactivate the functions that you do not use, such as GPS, Bluetooth or similar. You can access them directly from the notification panel of your phone.

Set the screen brightness to minimum and activate data saving mode

The screen is one of the components that consumes the most energy in a smartphone, so another trick to spend less battery in League of Legends Wild Rift would be to set the screen brightness to a minimum and since we are in data saving mode , This last option will allow you to block the data used by applications in the background.

Remove Apps In 2 Plane

If we are going to play Wild Rift why do we want applications running in the background ? All this will do is increase energy consumption. We can eliminate them simply by opening the multitasking button and clicking “Close” .

Put the mobile in 2G

Are you going away from home and want to play Wild Rift? Did you know that using 2G data allows you to save a lot of battery ? To activate this mode you just have to follow these steps:

  • Settings>Connection>Mobile Network>2G.

Once inside we must select the preferred type of network, so we must choose:

  • GSM or 2G.

Use Wi-Fi if you are at home

Another way to get more battery hours playing Wilf Rift is by using WiFi if you are at home . This wireless connection has a very low energy consumption if we compare it with mobile data, so using this network will allow you to improve battery consumption with LoL Mobile .

Disconnect WiFi if you play away from home

Finally, if you are away from home and you want to save battery as much as possible in LoL Wild Rift , you already know that you must use 2G but never forget to disconnect WiFi . Why do you want your mobile to be constantly scanning for wireless networks? This will allow you to play League Of Legends Mobile longer without charging your mobile .

I hope that with these tricks you can get more hours of performance from your battery while playing LoL Mobile . If you have a trick that I have not listed, you can always leave it written in comments… Ah! And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Thank you very much!