How to Save Battery in Mario Kart Tour

One of the biggest drawbacks of any online game is the enormous amount of battery that they use up . This is something that is reflected in the latest Nintendo game for Smartphones and it is the reason that allowed you to come to our humble blog , you are looking for a way to save battery life in Mario Kart Tour to the maximum and I am going to give it to you. Get ready to extend battery life in Mario Kart Tour with these tips .

How To Save Battery Playing Mario Kart Tour To The Maximum

Some of the tips that you will see throughout this tutorial will be very obvious, others however will not have crossed your mind. What if I tell you is that by combining all of them you can easily save a lot of battery in Mario Kart Tour , let’s see what they are!

Activate Battery Saving Mode In Mario Kart Tour

Yes, this is the first tip to get more battery time in Mario Kart Tour in an easy and fast way . To do this, the first thing we must do is go to the bottom of the main menu to enter “Menu” .

Once inside “Menu”, we enter “Settings” .

What is the battery saving mode used for in Mario Kart Tour?

In “System” we can activate battery saving , in this way when enabling this option, battery consumption is reduced and the screen goes into saving mode.

Lower CPU Performance

You can lower the performance of the CPU by performing an UnderClock , in this way you will lower microprocessor , thus working at less Mhz and therefore… it will use less battery .

But beware! , to use this tool you will need to root your device and Nintendo does not allow you to play their games on rooted mobile devices .

Download CPU Control Free

Download this app to perform an UnderClock directly from the following link .

How does it work ?

Here is an explanatory video on how to do an UnderClock to the CPU of your device .

Disable Automatic Sync For All Your Accounts

When you run an online game of the magnitude of Mario Kart Tour , you should be aware that you have to add all the battery drain that other applications that run in the background entail . In fact, the applications that as a general rule tend to drain the battery the most are Push notifications (WhatsApp, Mail, Social Networks). That is why, a good way to save battery in Mario Kart Tour is by deactivating the automatic synchronization of our accounts . To do this we must go to “Settings” and once inside we will go to “Account”.

Here we can deactivate the automatic synchronization of all our accounts while we play Mario Kart Tour , this will allow us to save a lot of battery.

Activate Mobile Battery Saving Mode

Mobile devices usually have a nice battery saving option, why don’t you use it while playing Mario Kart Tour ? To do this, you just have to lower the notification bar and activate the battery saving mode of your Smartphone , oh I forgot! You can also deactivate other functions that you do not use such as Bluetooth, GPS or WiFi if you are away from home.

Puts less brightness on the screen and activates the data saving mode

The screen is one of the elements that spends the most battery on a mobile device, you can reduce battery consumption in Mario Kart Tour by putting less brightness on the screen . Apart from many devices (especially those that will use MIUI), they have a data saving option located near the brightness bar, active is an option to save mobile data and therefore battery .

Change the Data Network Type

Another way to save a lot of battery in Mario Kart Tour is to change the type of mobile network from 4G to 3G and if you rush me a lot to 2G . This will make the amount of data received and sent much less and will allow you to save battery life while playing Mario Kart Tour .

How is it done?

We enter “Settings” then we go to “Mobile Network” and select “Favorite Network Type” .

Here we will have a list of mobile networks to choose from:

  • GSM is the 2G network which allows us to save a lot of battery in exchange for slowing down the Internet .
  • WCDMA (3G).

And these would be the tricks and tips to save battery in Mario Kart Tour to the maximum , if you have any trick that I have not mentioned, write me a comment, so I can add it. Do not forget to share this tutorial with your social networks, please, that would help me a lot… thank you!