In a world where we constantly need a mobile to stay connected, taking care of our phone’s battery is a necessity. And it is that perhaps we are not aware of what technology based on energy storage has advanced in the last 2 decades, behind those large mobile devices that with difficulty reach the end of the day without going through the charger. Today everything is very different now that we have powerful PCs that fit in our hands, with Internet connection, sophisticated cameras and powerful processors that allow us to enjoy incredible titles like Genshin Impact . That is why today in MrAppsGeek we bring you a tutorial with thebest tips to save battery in android 2023 .

Best Tips To Save Battery On Android 2023

First of all, I would like to clarify that these tricks to save battery on Android by themselves do not have a positive impact on battery life. However, if you apply them all at the same time, you can optimize the battery in Android up to 60% , so it is highly recommended that you apply them together. Well, I am not entertaining anymore and we will see how to make your Smartphone last several days without using the charger by following these tips.

Disable Automatic Phone Sync

My Android consumes a lot of battery in an inactive state and do you know why? Due to my work I have many synchronized email accounts . This causes the mobile to continuously check if there are new emails in the inbox. So you can improve the consumption of your phone by deactivating the synchronization of accounts , to do this we must enter “Settings” and “Accounts” of our device.

This is where we must deactivate the synchronization of email accounts.

Activate Mobile Battery Saving Mode And Deactivate GPS, Bluetooth..

Did you know that the energy saving mode does not damage the battery , right? I don’t know why but many people don’t use it so don’t be afraid , the phone will last much longer without charging . To activate the battery saving mode you just have to lower the notification panel and enable it. It is also highly recommended to disable other options if you do not use them such as bluetooth or GPS .

Set the screen brightness to minimum and activate data saving mode

Another way to spend less battery on Android is to lower the brightness of the screen to a minimum, this will make you spend much less energy, for this you must lower the notification panel and slide the bar to the left . Also check if you have the option to save data in sight, if your phone has it, activate it, in this way the applications in the background will not consume mobile data which will have a positive impact on the useful life of the device.

Clear Multitasking Apps

Another way to save battery consumption on Android is to close the applications that you are not using at the moment. To close them we will only have to press the multitasking button and click on “Close All” .

Use the 2G

That Android consumes a lot of battery is an accomplished fact and in large part due to the large number of connections that phones currently have. But… didn’t you know that using old mobile networks will allow you to spend less energy ? Yes, the Internet will be slower but the consumption will be much less. Of all of them, the one that spends the least is 2G, to activate it we will only have to enter the “Mobile Network” section of our device and choose the type of network.

This is where we must choose 2G or GSM .

Use WiFi if you are at home

Another way to save battery on Android is to disconnect the data if you are at home and in this way only use your WiFi connection.

Disconnect Wi-Fi if you are away from home

In the same way, if you are away from home, what is the need to have the WiFi active? This consumes a lot of energy at rest since your device will continuously scan the environment in search of available networks, so you know, disconnect the WiFi if you are away from home

Disable Notifications From Apps You Don’t Use

Disabling application notifications on Android will allow you to save battery as much as possible , since apps like WhatsApp consume a lot of resources to send you incoming messages as notifications in your notification panel.

To block them, the first thing we must do is enter “Settings” on our phone.

Once inside we will look for the section called “Applications” .

Here we must select those that we want to restrict, in my case I want to deactivate WhatsApp notifications .

On the next screen we enter the section that says “Notifications” .

Finally we just have to deactivate them as you can see in the image below.

Activate Dark Mode

Does your mobile spend a lot of battery? Did you know that activating the dark mode allows you to save energy ? This is because the dark pixels consume less than the light ones , so enabling this mode could help you.

I am sure that with these tips your excessive consumption of mobile battery will have decreased considerably . However, if you know that it spends battery on Android and you want to contribute your “grain of sand” below in comments, you can leave your advice and experience… it will be of great help. Finally, I remind you that you have at your disposal the different buttons on social networks to share this content, so it would be of great help if you share them with your friends and family. Thank you very much for your support!