How to search for a certain emoji on an iPhone

Emojis, those drawings or signs that show an emotion or idea, are widely used today on mobile devices . When we interact with an application, generally chat, it is normal for us to add an emoji to our communication, as well as portions of text, images, videos, and other elements.

We have just received a message via WhatsApp, for example, and we want to respond without writing anything, or adding a few words. What is the best solution? Resort to the use of one or more emojis directly from the keyboard.

On many occasions we want to send one of these elements but we can’t find any that will help us when clicking on the enable button. What can we do if we have an iPhone?

Use specific emojis on an iPhone

To use emojis on an iPhone it is mandatory, first of all, to have them enabled on the keyboard. In addition, in order to use what we indicate below, it is mandatory to have at least version 14 of iOS installed. Normally it is like this, but in the event that they were not, we must do the following:

We have to access Settings -> General -> Keyboard and, in the Keyboards section add Emoji within Add new keyboard

From the application in which we want to send an emoji we must, after clicking on the writing box, on the second icon that is in the lower left part, just to the right of the one that activates the numbers and other symbols.

By clicking on the button indicated above, the one that is responsible for activating the emoji section, we will see just below the writing box of the app activates a search box with the title Search emoji . We only have to write a word or phrase to show results.

So, for example, if we write food , we will be shown, in the line below the search box, a group of emojis that we can expand by moving it with our finger to the right. When we find the element that satisfies us, we just have to click on it and send it.

To consider

With the above, it is clear that we can increase the number of emojis that we use frequently without complications. They will help us to get the people we communicate with to see what we are capable of.

If in addition to what has been explained, within Settings -> General -> Keyboard , we activate Memoji Stickers , the stickers are added to the indicated elements , larger elements and more complex design.