How many influential people, be they politicians, celebrities, actors, etc. , have had their careers sunk because of something they said on Twitter years ago , what may seem like something very twisted is something very common and used in politics . And it is that it is fashionable to bring up “dirty old laundry” of “something” that “someone” did years ago when they did not have the experience about what is politically correct . As I have said, looking for old Tweets can be a real gold mine when it comes to ending a political office . You may think that you need to be a hacker or something similar to know how to see old Tweets , but the truth is thatIt ‘s child’s play , stay until the end of this tutorial to learn how to easily search Tweets by date .

Why Search Old Tweets?

Searching for Tweets by date is a widely used resource when it comes to throwing something in someone’s face , either to make fun of that person or to make them retract their ideas . This, as I have already said , is often used a lot in politics, although it can be extrapolated to other sectors .

How to View OLD TWEETS

To see old Tweets we only have to apply the following formula in the “Tweet Search Engine” .

From: [Username] since: [Year]-[Month]-[Day] until: [Year]-[Month]-[Day]

  • In From: We will put the Twitter username which we want to search for old Tweets (without @).
  • In Since: From the date.
  • In Until: Up to date.

View Old Tweets From An Example Account

Let’s, for example, see Rajoy’s old Tweets , for this we would fill in the formula as follows.

From: marianorajoy since: 2012-12-25 until: 2017-12-25

We copy the following formula and paste it into the «Tweet Search Engine» .

And now we know how to see very old Tweets from another person without applications .

Here is a link for you to see the process so you can get to see your old tweets .

If you have any questions about how to see old Tweets from another person , you can always leave me a comment, I will answer you. I remind you that you have at your disposal the social network buttons to share this content. Have a great day.