How to see Baby Yoda in your House in 3D with Google

If you follow the Disney Plus series “The Mandalorian” I am sure that among its cast of characters there is one that has undoubtedly “stolen your heart”, we are talking about Grogu better known as Baby Yoda . This character must be protected at all costs by the Mandalorian bounty hunter from the hordes of enemies that get in his way, which makes it entertaining and fun. And this is precisely where we wanted to go… Would you like to live adventures with “El Niño” from the series ? Well, you will be happy to know that it is now possible to see Baby Yoda in your home in 3D with Google thanks to augmented reality . Throughout  this MrAppsGeek articlewe will teach you how to do it.

What Is And What Is Augmented Reality?

It is a technology that allows superimposing images through the camera of a device in real time . In this way we can create a virtual effect in which the generated images can interact with the environment that surrounds them.

How To See Baby Yoda In 3 Dimensions In My House Step by Step 2023

To invoke Grogu in 3D in our house , the first thing we must do is open our mobile browser and do the following search on Google:

  • Baby Yoda.

We will know if our mobile is compatible with Google’s augmented reality if when we scroll a little we see a thumbnail of Baby Yoda with the option “View in 3D” , if that option appears we will press it.

On the next screen we will see a 3-dimensional model of Grogu which we can enlarge, decrease and rotate. To invoke them in our room we must select the section that says “See in your room” .

Now we will have to find a smooth surface where to focus the rear camera to put the base on which we will invoke Baby Yoda in 3D . To make it appear we must make smooth and circular movements with our mobile device.

And this would be the result, we can move it around by moving the base, increase its size and even decrease it, isn’t it cute?

Can’t See Baby Yoda In 3D With Google Augmented Reality Solution 2023

In case the “View in your Space” option does not appear, try to access the browser using the incognito mode here I explain how to do it. If the option is still not available, it means that your Smartphone is not compatible with this technology.

What do you think of this tutorial to see Baby Yoda in 3D at home with your cell phone ? You can express your impressions in the comment box. It would also help me a lot if you share this article with your friends through social networks. Thank you for everything!