Are you away from home and would you like to see moto2 live and legal ? Today I am going to show you an application called Dazn with which you can watch moto 2 for free or watch motogp live for 30 days thanks to its promotional month .

Where can I watch the Moto2 race?

The easiest way to watch moto 2 live is with Dazn, an application that could be said to be the Netflix of sports . Thanks to it we will be able to see a multitude of sporting events and enjoy a month of free trial . Next, I show you how to create a Dazn account to watch moto2 online for free for 1 month , after that month you must pay €4.99 or cancel Dazn before the trial month .

How to Create a Dazn Account

The first thing we must do is download Dazn from the Play Store from the following link .

Once downloaded, we enter the application and click where it says “Register Now” .

Then we click where it says “Create Account” , in which we can see that the first month is a trial and of course free to then pay €9.99 for the second month . Remember that you can always cancel the account during the 30-day trial . To contract Dazn to watch moto2 online for free, we will enter the following information:

  • Name
  • Surnames
  • Email.
  • Password.
  • Re-enter the password.

Then we click on “Continue” .

Now in “Payment Data” we will be notified that we have a 1-month free trial to watch Moto2 or any type of sport . After said month we will pay €9.99 , although we can always cancel the service during the 30-day trial .

As a summary we will see a screen with all the Dazn data:

  • 31 days to watch Moto2 races online for free .
  • The price that we will have to pay from the second month (€9.99) .
  • Paypal account where said amount will be charged.
  • The deadline by which we can cancel the subscription without paying .

We click on the button where it says “Subscribe” .

Here we will put our Paypal username and password and we will click on “Verify” .

How to Watch Moto 2 Live Legal with Dazn

Now it’s time to see Moto 2 for free with Dazn during our trial period, for this we go to the bottom right where it says “Sports” .

To see moto2 live or delayed with Dazn we will enter «Motor» .

Within the “Motor” package we go down to “Competitions” and select “Moto2” .

Here we can see the schedule, make a reminder for notifications before races, interviews, online or deferred moto2 races and much more.

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