How to SEE MY WIFI PASSWORD in Windows 10

WiFi access is one of the most traditional methods when it comes to connecting to the Internet since it is clean (it does not carry cables) and enjoys a certain security and stability . However, one of the most representative problems in this connection method is that the user often forgets what his own password is to connect to the router . This is definitely a problem if you need to connect another device to the network and you don’t remember it. But don’t worry, from MrAppsGeek you will learn to see the WiFi passwords saved in Windows 10 easily and quickly .

I need to know my WiFi password

If you have come to this tutorial because you need to see the WiFi password in Windows 10 , let me tell you that you have come to the right place. Next we will tell you the necessary steps to solve this problem in less than a minute .

How do I see my WiFi password in Windows 10

To see my WiFi password from the PC , the first thing I have to do is go to the bottom right to “Start” and then enter “Cortana” .

Once inside Cortana we must write “Control Panel” . Once located we will enter inside.

Now we enter the section that says “Networks and Internet” , as in the photo.

To know my WiFi password in Windows 10 I will have to enter “Network and Sharing Center” .

Once inside we will look at the menu on the left and enter “Change Adapter Configuration” .

To see Wi-Fi passwords saved on my PC , I will select my corresponding network adapter and click on the right mouse button and in the pop-up menu I will click on “Status” .

In the “Wi-Fi Status” we will click on “Wireless Properties” .

Know What Is My WiFi Password In Win 10

Finally, in the “Security” tab , we will click where it says “Show Characters” and in this way I will be able to see my WiFi password saved on my PC easily and quickly .

In this simple way you can find out the WiFi passwords saved on your PC. If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Do not forget that your support is very important , that is why you have at your disposal the different buttons on social networks to share this content…