How to see saved passwords in google

It is very likely that if you have many email accounts or social networks, remembering a password is not always easy. That is why today in MrAppsGeek we are going to teach you a process to see the passwords saved in Google in this way you will learn to manage, delete and even update them .

How to see saved passwords in google

To see Google accounts and passwords, we just have to put “chrome://settings/passwords” in the navigation bar (without quotes).

View Saved Passwords In Chrome

In this section we can manage passwords and accounts saved in Google , for example, to see our password linked to an account we must do the following:

  1. We click on the eye icon .
  2. In the “Password” section our “Password ” will appear .

How to Update Passwords in Google Chrome

The truth is that this password manager is somewhat limited since, for example, we will not have the option to modify them from this section, however we can update our password by removing it from the manager and then updating it, as we will see below.

How to Delete Saved Passwords in Google Chrome?

To eliminate them we must give the account in the 3 ellipsis and we will click on “Remove” .

Now to update the password we must enter the web and start the session with our username and new password and it will automatically be saved in Google Chrome .

How to Export Chrome Passwords to Excel

We also have the option of exporting our passwords from Google Chrome to Excel in CSV format , for this we will give the 3 vertical points and we will give it where it says “Export Passwords” .

We must be careful when “Export Passwords” since anyone who has access to the file will be able to see them.

Lastly, we save Chrome passwords in CSV format , remember to be careful where you save the file, as any user could see the passwords .

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