How to see the graphics card temperature in Windows 10

Viewing the temperature of the graphics card in Windows 10 is a highly recommended practice if you often play on your computer, since one of the biggest enemies of any electronic component is excess heat . For this reason, in MrAppsGeek you will have access to several tutorials in which we explain how to know the temperature of the CPU , of the disk drive and even how to do a stress test on the computer to know in which temperature scales it performs optimally. . Today, however, we will focus on how to measure the temperature of the GPU to know if it works correctly at all times.

Why Is It Important To Look At The Temperature Graph?

Knowing the heat that our graphics card gives off is important for 2 reasons.

Excess Heat Damages Electronic Components

If when running a game the temperature rises too much, it is likely that the graphics voltages are not correct due to a bad overclock , bad thermal paste or similar.

GPU Performance Drops Considerably Due to Thermal Throttling

If the graphic gives off a lot of heat, it is possible that the so-called Thermal Throttling is applied , which is a security system that incorporates the electronic components to regulate its temperature.

What is Thermal Throttling Used For?

It is a resource that is applied when the chip exceeds its temperature threshold, the same system slows it down to regulate the heat . This causes annoying slowdowns and even in some cases the system hangs.

How to see the temperature of the graphics card in Windows 10 Step by Step 2023

We are going to download a program to see the temperature of the graphics card called HWMonitor that we have already used several times in other tutorials since it provides very valuable information about our team.

Download HWMonitor For Windows 10 Free 2023

You can download HWMonitor for Windows 10 through its official page from the following link .

Once inside we can download the installation package or HWMonitor in a portable version , I have preferred to opt for the second.

Finally we will click on “Download Now” to start the download.

We must use a decompressor to extract the files in a folder . Once unzipped, we access it and we will have 2 files:

  1. HWMonitor_x32.exe (For Windows 32 Bits).
  2. HWMonitor_x64.exe (For Windows 64 Bits).

Run one of the 2 depending on the version of Windows you have , in my case I have 64 Bits so I’ll use the 2 option. If you don’t know if your Windows is 32 or 64 Bits here is an article where I explain how to find out step by step.

How to See the Temperature of My AMD or NVidia Graphic Easy and Fast 2023

Once HWMonitor is open, we must go to the section that corresponds to our GPU. In case you don’t know which graph you have I advise you to read this article. Finally we do the following:

  1. We select our graphics card .
  2. We will monitor the minimum, maximum and average temperature.

And this has been all, if you still have doubts about the heat given off by the GPU of your PC you can always leave me a comment. Do not forget that you can share this article with other people, in this way you will be very helpful not only for our portal but also for them.