How to see what happens at home and in the office from your mobile

When you are away from home or your office, there is a risk that an intruder may enter any of the rooms with the aim of stealing or committing another type of outrage. To avoid this, without hiring external services, you can use the application provided by , available for mobile phones and tablets with iOS and Android operating systems, as well as for web browsers, which allows you to carry out the surveillance task without additional costs.

What does Webcam Monitoring offer? Webcam Monitoring allows access from mobile devices and web browsers to a large number of webcams installed on Windows computers, whether laptops or desktops. In this way, the webcam is used , a rarely used resource as a fundamental element to turn the tablet or smartphone into a terminal from which it is possible to observe the cameras installed at home or in the office.

different options

Webcam Monitoring offers different options: real-time transmission, motion detection and sending an email notification, manual recording and taking snapshots. In addition, it offers a folder that stores all the videos and images captured, and that are accessible from the timeline view.

To consider

One of the supported options is to observe what the webcam records in real time. On the platform you can add several webcams and observe what is recorded from different devices and points of view. The motion detection option of the Webcam Monitoring function allows you to observe monitored spaces only when necessary, that is, when movement is detected. In fact, the motion detection will send a photograph of the movement captured in a notification email .

About the timeline view

The timeline view allows access to recorded material. It also has two other functions that trigger manual recording and take snapshots . In addition, the timeline view allows you to access the recorded material and see what has happened as many times as you want.

Installation process is very easy to install and use. The latest version of Java is required for installation. If you don’t have it, you can download it for free from the official page . The first step to installing is to download the ‘ desktop agent ‘. At the end of the installation, the second step is to restart the computer. The third is to click on the shortcut of the iconpresent on the desk. To register a new account, in the event that we have not done so before, it can be done through Facebook or by completing the registration form. After registering the account, you will receive a notification email with a link. From there you can configure all the equipment you want.

Personal Cloud and Mobile Apps also offers a personal cloud service with file browser and remote desktop . It is also enabled to play videos and music and to transfer files from mobile devices. To get the necessary mobile application for each device, you must access Google Play or the App Store. The download is free.