How to Send BULK EMAILS From Gmail

Do you have an event that you would like to share with all your contacts but WhatsApp is too informal? You may not know it, but sending mass emails is very easy to do through Gmail . And it is that the reach capacity of this Google service is underestimated, for this reason, I have seen it necessary to make this post about how to send mass emails from Gmail .

How to Send BULK EMAILS From Gmail

If you are going to use the mass mail option of Gmail, you should know that in the world of Marketing this is considered a professional activity, however , Google allows us free mass mailing from its platform. You should know that Spam is reportable so it is best to use this tool for specific reasons , clarified this let ‘ s see how to send mass emails by Gmail .

How to Send Free Mass Emails Through Gmail

The first thing we must do is enter our email account from the PC . Once inside we look at the left section where it says “Write” , click on this red box.

If we have done it well, below on the right side we will see our section to write our mass email . Just below where it says “New Message” click on “To” , in this way we can see the list of our contacts associated with our account to send mass emails .

How to Send Mass Emails

In “Select Contacts” we will see all the contacts that we have associated with our email account, for mass emailing we must press the “Select All” box . Then click on “Select” .

We only have to fill in the “Subject” of the email and the body and press “Send” and that’s it, we already know how sending mass emails in Gmail works .

How many emails can be sent by Gmail ?

It is possible that after seeing this tutorial to know how to send mass emails, you wonder how many can be sent from Gmail? . The maximum that Google allows in terms of mass mailing is 500 every 24 hours , in other words, for each day you can send 500 mass mails to different people .

Well, if you have any questions about how to send mass emails, you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Thank you for your visit and I hope you share this article with your social networks.