How to Send Files Over the Internet from the Web

Sending files over the Internet is very common. At any time we need to send several images, one or more documents, a video, or any other type of file to some friends or acquaintances. What can we do to achieve it?

There are several systems for carrying out this type of process. In some cases we can do it through email , in others using a cloud service , and also using JustBeamit , a website that allows us to carry out these transfers for free.

We just have to select one or more files and drag them to the page that is provided. We can also indicate the files to be transferred directly from the folder or folders in which they are located.

To consider

JustBeamit has been with us for a few years now, close to ten. After doing what we indicate above, the recipient of the file or files only has to access the link that is provided to proceed with the download.

As it is a tool that works on the Web, it can be used on any computer or mobile device. You just have to open the web browser and proceed to send or receive.

The shipping process is carried out at a high speed. In addition, one of its great advantages is that it does not offer limits on the size of the files. Of course, both the person who sends the file or files and the person who receives them cannot close the browser, aborting the process, since it cannot be reinitialized. Will have to start all over again.

Something that must also be taken into account is that the files sent are only kept for ten minutes on the server. If they are not downloaded before the end of this time period, they will be lost. This has some disadvantages but also advantages since it means that the files are never saved on JustBeamit ‘s servers .

In the event that problems arise when sending any type of file, it can be compressed in ZIP format. Those responsible for this service say that it is in beta phase, despite the time it has been active.


If we want to use this service we have to access JustBeamit . After indicating the files to send, you must click on the button for creating a link in order to send it to the person who will receive them.