How to send large files via email

It happens to us on more than one occasion, we want to send the photos we have taken on our last trip to one of our friends and we cannot do it through our email account. The attachments have a limit that we cannot exceed and the photographs weigh more than what is allowed.

Although there are some other systems to send these files, DropSend is very easy to use and allows you to send files up to 10 GB in its Basic plan and 25 GB in its Professional plan. It is possible to do a free trial of the service and send up to 8 GB.

What does DropSend offer?

DropSend uses a secure 256-bit AES system that does not require you to download or install anything on your computer. You only have to locate the file to send on your computer, indicate the address of your email account and that of the recipient of the message.

The free trial service, as we have said, allows shipments of up to 8 GB. If you opt for any of the paid services, you will have the possibility of storing your files online, among other options. The Basic plan , which costs $5 per month, allows 10 GB of storage and 25 sends per month. On the Standard plan  , which costs $9 a month, the caps are 25GB of storage and 50 monthly sends. The Professional plan , priced at $15 per month, supports unlimited storage.

To consider

To obtain an account of any other type you only have to register. From there you can use DropSend with the options that make up the chosen plan. Remember that you do not need to install any application on your computer. Although it is also possible to use the service on iOS, iPhone and iPad devices, and Android devices, using the email application used.

Those responsible for this service tell us the following about it:

DropSend Online Storage makes it easy for you to access and share large files with others. Think of this as your own secure hard drive in the cloud where you can back up all your files, access them anytime, and share them with other users. Uploading files to your online storage folder is easy. Just browse up to five files, choose the folder where you want to put them, and click “Start Upload.” It’s that easy. Once those files are stored, you can access them wherever you go and on almost any device .


We have already discussed this topic on other occasions. In MyAirBridge, to send files of up to 20 GB without any cost , we explained what is offered for free in this service, and how easy it is to use it. The ideal is to be able to have several options, and to use the most appropriate one at all times. Whenever you need to send image files, content-heavy PDF documents, and the like, you should turn to one of these services.


To achieve what we propose, you must access DropSend .