How to Send the Location IN REAL TIME BY WHATSAPP

WhatsApp is slow in its news but with a firm step, although a few months ago it incorporated the ability to send Gifs, now a long-awaited function has arrived which we could enjoy some time ago on Telegram, we talked about the fact that we can send the location in real time by WhatsApp .

Before running to see if you have the Live Location function activated , you should know that WhatsApp is deploying it from its server , that is, it will gradually reach all users in the coming days . You can check more information on their official blog .

Now if you are the lucky ones who have received this new function, we are going to explain what it consists of.

What does it mean to send the location IN REAL TIME BY WHATSAPP?

Imagine the situation, you are waiting for a friend who has to come to see you from far away by car . For many of us this situation (especially when there are many kilometers in between) can be an ordeal , knowing… will it have much left? Will it be okay? Well, now by sending the location in real time via WhatsApp, that problem will be solved .

The good thing about this new WhatsApp function is that it is fully encrypted . Besides , we can send the location in real time both privately and in a group for a certain time .

How to Send the Location IN REAL TIME BY WHATSAPP 2023

The first thing we will have to do is know if we already have this feature activated . To do this , we enter a conversation or group and click on the bottom right on “Attach” . Once the menu is displayed, we point to “Location”.

In the case of having this service activated we will see that it says “Real Time Location” .

By touching this option we will see a window as information that will indicate what “Send Location In Real Time By WhatsApp” consists of.

Once accepted we will be able to choose the determined time that we want to share the location . It can be 15 minutes, 1 hour and even 8 hours .

And voila, we already know how to send the location in real time by WhatsApp. We can stop sharing it at any time we want.

What do you think of this new function to send the location in real time by WhatsApp ? It really seems very useful to me. You can tell me your opinions below in the comment box and if you share the article, it would make me very happy, thanks for your time!