How to Send WhatsApp Messages BLANK

One of the things I like to do the most on my mobile is WhatsApp tricks . With them we can have a fun time with colleagues , either with games for Whatsapp , get someone’s attention through WhatsApp or a multitude of situations. The limit is your imagination! Today, however, we bring you an Android application for troll the gang with this messaging client , we explain how to send blank WhatsApp messages .

Send Blank WhatsApp Messages

It may seem silly and in reality it is, but sending blank messages on WhatsApp can be something fun since you will confuse your friends and acquaintances.

How to Send Blank WhatsApp Messages

To send a blank WhatsApp message we will first have to download an application called Blank Message For WhatsApp .

Blank Message For WhatsApp Download

You can download this application for free directly from Google Play at the following link .

Blank Message For Whatsapp How does it work?

The first thing we have to do is open it and we will see a screen like the one below. If we click on “Rows” the blank messages will be vertical , while if we click on “Characters” the messages will be horizontal .

Besides, we can configure the number of characters to show in our blank message inNumbers Of Characters” .

Once the number of characters to send in our blank WhatsApp message has been established, click on “Send” .

We choose the person to whom we are going to send a blank WhatsApp and we click on send.

This would be the result.

Well now you know how to send a blank Whatsapp message if you have any questions leave me a comment, thanks for your time and visit, feel free to share and come back.