How to Set an Alarm Xiaomi Mi Band

Are you always late for work? An easy solution is to set an alarm clock , however it may not be enough in some cases. It is on these occasions where we must use ingenious ideas to avoid falling asleep in the morning . One of them would be to set an alarm on your Xiaomi Mi Band , in this way when the indicated time arrives , the bracelet will start to vibrate and believe me when I tell you that it will wake you up . To know how it is done, you just have to follow the instructions that I indicate in this tutorial on our website MrAppsGeek .

How to Set an Alarm Xiaomi Mi Band Step by Step 2023

To activate the alarm on the Xiaomi Mi Band , the first thing we must do is install an application called Zepp Life that we can easily find in the Play Store and App Store.

Download Zepp Life Free 2023

Once we have it installed, we must synchronize our Xiaomi smart bracelet with our mobile . Once they are paired we open the Zepp Life application and follow these steps:

  1. We go to our profile (this option is just below on the right).
  2. Then in “My Devices” we enter our My Smart Band .

On the next screen we go to “Alarm” .

Configure Alarm Xiaomi Mi Band Easy and Fast 2023

In this section we will see all the alarm clocks that we have active on our bracelet , to create a new alarm we will have to click on “Add” .

To configure the alarm in our Xiaomi Mi Band we will have to follow these steps:

  1. We select the time in which we want the bracelet to vibrate .
  2. We will see the countdown that remains for it to activate.
  3. We will give you save changes .
  1. Then we can select the period (if we want it to ring every day, from Monday to Friday, etc… ).
  2. The period we select will be established at the top right.
  1. If we select “Custom” we can choose which days of the week we want the alarm clock to activate.
  2. Once we have configured it to our liking, we will click on “OK” .

Finally, to activate the alarm clock in Xiaomi Mi Band we will have to enable the alarm tab that we have just configured.

Remove Alarm Xiaomi Mi Band Easy and Fast 2023

To deactivate the Xiaomi Mi Band alarm clock we can follow the instructions in this tutorial or the instructions in this video.

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