How to Set Google Photos as Default Gallery

There is nothing that gives me more courage than when I open a multimedia file, my Android phone gives me the choice between several applications to view said document. Honestly, the app I use the most to view videos and photos is Google Photos, so I would like to know if There is a way to put Google Photos as the default gallery . And the truth… is that you can, that is why today in MrAppsGeek you will learn to open these files with this application by default without the need for your phone to give you a choice between several options .

How To Make Photos And Videos Open By Default With Google Photos 2023

To change the default Android gallery for Google photos , the first thing we have to do is download this app from the Play Store.

Download Google Photos Free 2023

You can download Google Photos for free directly from the Play Store application store through the following link .

How to Choose Google Photos as Default Gallery on Android Step by Step 2023

The first thing we should do is enter the “Settings” of our phone. Once inside we must enter “Applications” .

On this screen we will select the 3 vertical lines on the top right .

If we have carried out the previous steps correctly we will see a menu with the following options:

  • Hide system services.
  • Default apps .
  • Reset app preferences.
  • Settings.

Of all the options, the only one that interests us is “Default Applications” .

We will go to the “Gallery” section and enter it.

How to Make My Android Open Google Photos by Default Easy and Fast 2023

In this section we will see all the available gallery apps , we just have to choose “Photos” .

In this way we can use Google Photos on Android by default .

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