How to share a youtube video on facebook

Social networks today offer us a wide range of news and events of the most varied nature, Facebook still stands out among all of them, since this social network encompasses all kinds of situations, news, events, etc. That is why one of the things that we usually see on our front page are videos, since they usually delight us with some impactful news in a very graphic way . And that is precisely why you have come to MrAppsGeek because you want to know how to share a YouTube video on Facebook , don’t worry, I will explain it to you step by step.

Can You Share A YouTube Video On Facebook?

Of course yes, in fact, uploading a YouTube video to Facebook is child’s play, you just have to follow the steps indicated in this tutorial.

Is it legal to share YouTube videos on Facebook?

Hell yeah, YouTube videos are public and there for free viewing as well as free sharing.

How to share a YouTube video on Facebook from the cell phone

To publish a YouTube video on Facebook , the first thing we must do is find a video that we want to share on this social network. Once found, to post a YouTube video on Facebook we must click on the “Share” button , which is just below the video title.

This is where we will see a list of all the social networks, because to share a YouTube video on Facebook without the link we must click on the corresponding icon, as in the photo.

How to Share a YouTube Video on Facebook with Thumbnail Image

Now we will see how the thumbnail of the video has appeared, to share a YouTube video on Facebook and for it to be played we will click on “Publish” .

Why Can’t I Share A Youtube Video On Facebook?

It may be that you are experiencing connection problems, check if you can share videos through mobile data or other WiFi networks , if you still have problems, it is possible that one of these 2 platforms is down, to find out I advise you to take a look at these 2 items:

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