How to Show Battery Percentage on Samsung Galaxy

Knowing the amount of battery available on your Smartphone is a basic function, since depending on the charge we have, we can manage the rest of the tasks that we assign to our device. That is why if you have a Samsung Galaxy and you would like to know how to see the battery percentage, let me tell you that in MrAppsGeek we will explain how to do it step by step.

How to Make the Battery Percentage Appear on Samsung Step by Step 2023

Seeing the percentage of the battery in Samsung is a resource that every user should know since that way you will know your exact level of charge to be able to plan the rest of the day’s work with your device.

So the first step we must take would be to enter “Settings” of our smartphone, for this we must slide our finger from the bottom to the top.

Once inside “Settings” we enter “Notifications” .

IMPORTANT Differences Between Android 10 and Android 11

  1. If you have a Samsung mobile with Android 10 to activate the battery percentage you must enter notifications in the “Status Bar” .
  2. If you have a Samsung mobile with Android 11 to set the battery percentage you must enter notifications in “Advanced Settings” .

Where Is The Battery Percentage On Samsung 2023

Whether you have entered “Status Bar” or “Advanced Settings” to display the battery percentage, it will only be enough to activate its corresponding box.

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