How to Sign in to Netflix for the First Time

If you have signed up for Netflix or a friend has lent you an account, I am sure that the next thing that has crossed your mind is how to log in to Netflix for the first time . Well, let me tell you that you have come to the right place since in MrAppsGeek we will teach you how to do it both on mobile phones, PCs and Smart TVs .

How To Log In To Netflix On Mobile The First Time 2023

Download Netflix App 2023

To enter Netflix on Android or iOS we will need to install the official application from their respective digital stores:

Once we have the app installed, we open it and we will see a screen like this in which we will have to select the section that says “Login” .

On the next screen we must:

  1. Enter the email linked to our Netflix account.
  2. Our password .
  3. Finally we will start the Netflix session for the first time .

In this section we can create a new user profile on Netflix in order to save a history of our favorite series and movies or include them in the “Keep Watching” section .

How to Sign in to Netflix on PC for the First Time 2023

To log into Netflix on a computer for the first time in life we ​​will have to enter the official website of the platform from the following link:

Once inside the official Netflix page we must follow these instructions:

  1. We put the email of our account.
  2. We add the password and click on “Login” .

On the next screen we must select an existing profile or add a new profile in the case of not having any.

Login Netflix On Smart TV 2023

To log in to Netflix from a Smart TV the first time we must have a smart TV that has the ability to use the application. In the case of not having one, we can always use an Android TV Box or a Chromecast with Google TV .

Once we have installed the application we must follow the same instructions as the previous steps, which are the following:

  1. We put the email of our account.
  2. We add the password and click on “Login” .

What did you think of your first session on Netflix? Did you like this platform? You can express your opinion just below in comments and remember to share this article with your friends and family through your social networks… Thanks for everything!