How to SIGN PDF ONLINE FREE on Android

Since the early 2000s, everything related to keeping a paper database has been relegated to the background. Every day it is more frequent to receive invoices, receipts and advertisements by digital means (whether through SMS, social networks or emails). The problem with that is when you have to sign PDF online , how is this done? We will explain it to you step by step and it is very easy to understand .

How can you sign a PDF document?

There is a very simple way to sign PDF online for free via mobile , we just have to install a program called Adobe Acrobat Reader .

Adobe Acrobat Reader What is it and what is it for?

Basically it is a tool that will allow us to view and edit PDF files easily . It can also be used as a free PDF digital signature program .

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Start signing PDF on Android by installing Adobe Acrobat Reader for free from the following link .

Steps to Sign PDF Online

Once we have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader we will have to follow these steps to sign documents online for free .

Verify Your Adobe ID

Register with your Gmail account, for example, they will send you a 6-digit code to your email, once you have it, click on “Verify” .

Now we must choose the document to sign PDF in Android .

Once inside the PDF, we look at the lower right that shows the drawing of a pencil , click on it.

Once inside we will see that 2 options appear:

  1. Comment.
  2. Fill out and sign .

Of the 2, the one that interests us is the second option , we enter inside.

Now a menu will appear at the bottom of the screen , to sign PDF documents online for free with Adobe Acrobat Reader click on the bottom right on the “fountain pen” .

Again two options will appear:

  1. Create signature .
  2. Create initials.

We enter the first option of all “Create signature” .

Now we can sign the PDF for free freehand, once we finish, we click on “Done” .

Then we must choose the section of the PDF document where we want to paste our signature , we will also have the possibility of deleting the signature in the trash . Once we are clear where we should place the signature, click on the “V” .

And ready we already know how to sign PDF online for free easy and fast . If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Do not forget to share this article on your social networks, please, it is important, since it helps me a lot. Thank you!