How to Silence WhatsApp States Easy and Fast

We already saw in your day how to silence WhatsApp groups forever , in this way we would stop receiving the annoying notifications that continually reach us from the groups that we have previously selected. However, there is also a way to mute a contact’s WhatsApp statuses . That is why today in MrAppsGeek we will explain how it is done so that in this way you have greater privacy in this messaging client.

What does it mean to silence WhatsApp States?

By silencing the WhatsApp states of a contact , we will stop receiving the new updated status updates of that user.

Silence WhatsApp States, what is it for?

The function it has is to hide a person’s WhatsApp status .

How to Silence WhatsApp States Step by Step 2023

The first thing we must do is enter the “States” tab as indicated in the photo below.

Once inside, we must choose the contact of the user that we want to silence in the “Recent” section. To do this, we must keep said contact selected for a few seconds.

A banner will appear informing us of the following “New status updates will no longer appear in recent updates” , we will therefore click on “Mute” .

How to Make the Status of a Contact Visible in WhatsApp Easy and Fast 2023

To remove silence from a contact’s WhatsApp status, we must go to the “Silenced” tab and hold down the contact in which we want to deactivate silence .

A message will appear in which we must select the section that says “Deactivate Silence” .

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