How To Speed ​​Up Windows 10 Startup?

Do you notice that your PC takes a long time to boot from the moment you press the power button until the desktop screen loads? It is very possible that if your PC loads slowly it is because you have an excess of programs at the start of the system . That is why in MrAppsGeek we will explain all the ways to speed up the start of Windows easily and quickly .

Speed ​​Up Windows 10 Boot To The Max

The first thing we should do is activate Windows 10 fast start you can check it in this tutorial or in the video below.

Once you have it activated you will notice that your PC will start much faster . However if it still starts slow you can always do the following.

How to speed up login in Windows 10?

To speed up the start of Windows 10 you must ensure that your system does not load too many programs during the boot phase.

How do I find out which programs are loaded at startup in Windows 10?

It’s as simple as pressing the following keyboard shortcut :

  • Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

A blue screen will appear with several options, we must select the one that says “Task Manager” . Once inside, we must click on “Start” and here we will see all the programs that start with the system , we will know that they start with it because in “Status” it will appear as “Enabled” .

How to speed up the boot of my PC in Windows 10?

We can increase the startup speed of Win 10 by deactivating the programs that we don’t want to start with our operating system.

Disable Programs At Windows 10 Boot

It will be enough to select a program with the right mouse button and click on “Disable” .

It is also possible to do it directly from the same program, such as Avast Antivirus . To do this, we must enter the following path:

  • General>Troubleshooting>Delay starting Avast.

In this way , Avast will not start at the start of Windows 10 , so it will speed up the startup of the PC .

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