Instagram is an emerging network that is used by thousands of people in the world every day . Like any social network, one of the strongest points is mentioning someone on Instagram Stories , this is fine because we can get the attention of another person and create feedback , but… how to tag on Instagram Stories? . Stay until the end of the video because we are going to see how to make it easy and simple .

How to tag on Instagram Stories

To mention someone on Instagram Stories you just have to follow these steps:

  • We enter Instagram and press the camera button on the top left .
  • We take a photo in which you want to tag a person and click on the top right where it says “Aa” .
  • We press «@» , followed by the name of the person we want to mention .
  • We click on “Done” and press “Send” .

How to tag a person in Instagram story?

If the previous summary about how is mentioned in the story of Instagram? , it has not been very clear to you, we are going to explain it more carefully step by step.

Mention Someone On Instagram Step By Step

Can you mention it on Instagram? Of course, you just have to follow these steps. The first thing will be to enter Instagram and click on the top left where the camera icon is .

We take a photo, which will help us to tag or mention on Instagram . Once done, click on the top right where it says “Aa” .

To tag someone in Instagram Stories we just have to write “@” (without quotes) followed by the name we want to mention . For example, as is the case @papamanitas. Once we finish we click on “Done” .

We can also edit our mention on Instagram with colors and lettering style . Once finished we click on “Done” .

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