How To Take A Screenshot On Nintendo Switch Oled

Nintendo Switch Oled has incredible games that look spectacular on this new screen. And there are games such as Dragon Quest XI or Zelda Breath of the Wild that have majestic settings that allow us to lose ourselves in totally open worlds full of life. That is why you may want to save some of those precious moments, which is why you may be wondering if you can take screenshots on Nintendo Switch Oled , because throughout this simple MrAppsGeek article you will leave doubts.

Is it possible to take screenshots on Nintendo Switch Oled?

Yes, the same console allows you to take screenshots without having to download anything.

What Button Do I Have To Press To Take ScreenShots On Switch Oled?

On the left Joycon just below the direction pad there is a square button , that is where we must press to copy the screen.

How to Capture the Screen on Nintendo Switch Oled 2023

To save a screenshot on Nintendo Switch Oled we will only have to follow the following instructions:

  1. Once we have the image we want, to capture it, all we have to do is press the square-shaped button that is located right on the left control once quickly .
  2. To verify that everything has gone well, just at the top left will appear a notification that says “Capture Saved” .

Where Are The Screenshots On Nintendo Switch Oled?

All the captures that we make are found in the image-shaped icon that is on the Home screen (Between the remote control icon and the eShop).

It is within the album where we will have access to:

  1. All capture images and videos.
  2. Possibility of filtering them by categories.
  3. To eliminate them.
  4. To go backwards
  5. Accept.

This is what a screenshot would look like on Nintendo Switch Oled.