How to Transfer Data Between Mobile Phones Safely

Mobile devices are the order of the day. iPhones and Android phones occupy most of the space in this field. Many people change their smartphone after a certain period of time has elapsed, and some go from an Apple model to one that works with Android, or in the opposite direction. Hence the need to have an application that allows the transfer of data from phone to phone like the one we propose below.

What does iSkysoft Toolbox – Switch offer?

It is a tool that carries out the transfer of data from mobile to mobile with a single click, easily and efficiently. It does it between iOS and Android devices with absolute security.

Transfer all kinds of data, including contacts, messages, photos, videos, audio files, and more. The entire process is carried out smoothly and quickly. It is fully compatible with the latest versions of iOS and with the latest Android devices.

iSkysoft Toolbox – Switch , as the application is called, also allows the selection of the files to be transferred from the first device to the second. Best of all, it supports all or almost all iOS and Android mobile devices. They only need to have a current version of the operating system installed. It does so in a highly intuitive process, in just three steps, without requiring any technical knowledge for it. Also, something to keep in mind is that data loss will never occur.

Process to follow

After downloading and installing the application, the iSkysoft Toolbox screen will open , similar to the following:

We must select the Copy option , in order to carry out the copy of data from one phone to another. We will see a window like the following:

As we can see, we must connect both mobiles, the original one and the one in which we are going to make the data copy, in two USB ports of the computer. If all goes well, after activating the permissions on the mobile, at least on the iPhone, we just have to select the content that we want to transfer so that the process can start by clicking on Start copy .

In the third step, the data that is being copied will be displayed in a small pop-up window. If we deem it necessary, we can stop the copy at any time by clicking on the Cancel button .

When this last process is finished, we will already have a copy of the data indicated from the first phone on the second.

To consider

In addition to the indicated application, with versions in various languages, including Spanish, and valid for computers with macOS and Windows, iSkysoft also offers a series of interesting tools, which we can find in phone to phone transfer .

Thus we have the one that allows us to view the content hosted on a mobile from a PC, the one that deals with the transfer and backup of music, playlists and videos from one iDevice to another, or MobilTrans, the application of Wondershare designed to transfer data between Android, iPhone and Symbian with one click. And there are still seven more… You just have to access the indicated link to discover them.