How to translate portions of text with DeepL

Normally, when I need to translate a text or the entire content of a web page, I use Google Translate . There are many people who do the same as me, although the results, on a large number of occasions, leave much to be desired.

For this reason, it doesn’t hurt to have other tools, such as the one we are presenting to you now,  DeepL , a program that uses neural machine translation in order to achieve notable results.

The tool, which works directly in the web browser, was officially launched more than four years ago, on August 29, 2017, after having spent a long period of experimentation. Those responsible for the program boast of offering the  most accurate online automatic translator in the world . They say that the results of any translation are similar to what a person with knowledge of the two languages ​​involved could do.

To consider

As they tell us on the DeepL blog , «Several professional translators looked at the results of DeepL Translator in comparison to other similar translation tools, without knowing which tool each proposed translation belonged to. During these ‘blind’ tests, professional translators chose DeepL’s solutions three times more than others. Automated tests also confirm the superiority of DeepL. In machine translation, the main evaluation method for machine translation is the BLEU (Bilingual Evaluation Understudy) method. The method compares machine translations with translations made by a professional translator. Results from the BLEU method give the DeepL Translator a record score .”

For the translation they use a supercomputer located in Iceland, capable of processing 5.1 petaFLOPS (5,100,000,000,000,000 floating point operations per second). This means that the results of the translations border on excellence.

The aforementioned supercomputer is capable of using a huge amount of texts, in different languages, in the process of learning translation neural networks. For this, those responsible for DeepL have been working for the last twelve years, collecting more than one billion high-quality translations.


The translator supports 42 languages. In your usage process you will continue to learn, in order to further refine the translations. To use the tool, access DeepL and select the Translator link at the top .

On the new screen, you will have to enter the text to be translated on the left side so that it immediately appears translated into Spanish on the right side. The original language is automatically detected and the result language, if it is not Spanish, can be indicated before the process starts. There is also a Pro version of the application, with more features.

If we click on the Linguee link at the top of the page , we will access a service that allows us to use a word translator. You only have to write a word, for example in English, to show us all the words in Spanish, or in the language that we indicate, that are in the dictionary.

There are also a number of suggestions for similar words, usually with the same root, with their translations. When clicking on the search button, after writing a word, all the translations will be shown, with example sentences, in the original language and in the translated one.

It is also possible to activate the speaker to hear the pronunciation of the words. This comprehensive dictionary can also be downloaded as an  app for iOS and Android devices.