How to turn a mobile device into a webcam

If at some point we want to turn our mobile device, Android or iOS, into a webcam , it is best to install DroidCam Client on our Windows computer and DroidCam Webcam on the mobile device. With both we will be able to verify that these are powerful tools that support the connection wirelessly or through a USB cable that connects from the computer to the mobile.

After establishing the connection, the mobile device will become a camera that, in addition to transmitting images, will do the same with audio. Any application installed on the PC that deals with handling a camera will work without any problems with DroidCam Client . Thanks to this application it will be possible to start video chats with friends or co-workers.

What does DroidCam Client offer?

Although it is not the only application capable of connecting a mobile to a computer and converting it into a web camera, it offers an added value that other similar applications do not include: the ability to establish a WiFi connection between a computer and a mobile device .

To obtain significant performance, the application is capable of obtaining all the hardware features of the mobile device. Customization options support features individual settings for video resolution (up to 720p HD), sound management, and even various video processing effects like zoom, mirror, rotate, brightness, and more.

How DroidCam Webcam works on iOS and Android

In order for DroidCam Client to work on an Android device, it is necessary to install, in addition to the application on the computer, another application on the mobile device, DroidCam Webcam , which can be obtained from Google Play . The same thing must be done in the event that we want it to work on an iPhone and an iPad. You will also have to download the application for iOS devices in the Play Store .

After establishing the connection between mobile device and computer, the streaming video will be displayed on the app. From there it will be possible to select what you want to do. It also offers an added value: send any video transmission to a device that connects via local WiFi .

Features of DroidCam Client and DroidCam Webcam

Among the features offered by these applications, both for the computer and for the mobile device, the following stand out:

  • It is possible to chat using DroidCam Webcam , the version for the mobile device, directly on your computer, including sound and image. To do this you must have DroidCam Client installed on your computer .
  • It is completely free with no usage limits or watermarks.
  • Allows connection via WiFi or USB.
  • Includes noise canceling microphone.
  • Supports the use of other applications (other than camera) with DroidCam in the background.
  • It is possible to continue working with the screen off to save battery.
  • Allows access to the MJPEG IP webcam (access the camera via a browser or from another phone/tablet/etc).


To know all the features of this application it is convenient to access DroidCam Client . From the indicated page you can also proceed to download it. To find out what DroidCam Webcam offers on the mobile device, you have to access one of the two pages indicated above.

The Windows application is free. The app for mobile devices is also free with in-app purchases, which offer added value.