How to turn a photo into a Pixar cartoon

I love mobile devices because they are very versatile and from them we can do incredible things such as knowing the name of a song by our whistle , finding out the height of a person or detecting pipes . However, most users tend to take a creative approach to their Smartphones , in fact, in MrAppsGeek we have seen various photo editing applications that allowed us to transform an image into anime or even put a Disney face on a photograph. Well, let me tell you that if you have reached this post in search of similar apps, you should know that you are in luck because today we bring you a different tutorial that will allow you to turn a photo into a Pixar cartoon and all thanks to an application called Toonme .

What is Toonme and what is it for?

Toome is a photo editing application that allows you to apply a multitude of filters to your photos. The attractiveness of this app is that some of them allow you to convert photos to drawings , among which stands out one that is capable of transforming an image of ours in the purest Pixar style .

Download Toonme Free 2023

You can download this app that allows you to convert a photo into a drawing for free directly from its respective application store through the following links:

How to convert a photo into a cartoon in the style of Pixar step by step 2023

The first thing we will see the first time we open the app is that they offer us 3 free days to try the PRO version , to remove this screen we must click on the X that is just above on the left .

On the next screen we will have all the available filters categorized by “Best” or “Trends”. Well, among all of them, to transform our image into a Pixar drawing we must look for the one that shows a girl with curly hair (as you can see in the following image).

Now we will have 2 options:

  1. Take a photo in real time.
  2. Find one in our gallery.

In my case, I prefer to take a photo with the front camera, so I have chosen the first option.

The next thing will be to give “Allow” the necessary permissions so that the application can access our multimedia content.

To be able to record videos and take photos we will have to select the option that says “While using the Application” .

We take a face photo and when we have it ready we will click on “Done” .

On this screen we can rotate the photo and invert it, once everything is to our liking we will click on the green arrow at the bottom right.

How to Convert a Photo to Cartoon Pixar Style Easy and Fast 2023

A few seconds will suffice to transform a photo into a Pixar cartoon , however Toonme gives us the possibility to continue adding more filters to our creation:

If you want to animate the image with a gif , you can again choose from a multitude of filters that the app offers, mostly free.

And this would be all, and all that remains is to share our creation with our friends through social networks or even save our project in the gallery.

If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer as soon as possible. It would also help me a lot if you share this content with your friends through social networks. Thank you for your time!