How to TURN ON Lock Screen Notifications on Android

If you follow The MrAppsGeek you will know that we have already done several tutorials about the notifications of our device, either to deactivate them on Android or to solve the problem of notifications in MIUI . The truth is that these warning systems are usually very attractive and are not exempt from problems , one of which is that they do not appear on the home screen. Therefore, we are going to see how to activate notifications on the lock screen in Android 2023 .

Activate Notifications On Lock Screen 2023

This is a very simple task but it can be somewhat tedious if you are not familiar with this operating system, but don’t worry, you will learn how to activate the notifications on the lock screen in a few steps.

Activate Notification Center On Android Lock Screen

The first thing to do is go to “Settings” and/or “Settings” depending on your Smartphone model .

Sound And Notification

Now we will see a lot of options we must enter where it says “Sound and Notification” .

The next thing we will see will be a lot of applications in which we can customize if we want the notifications to reach the lock screen . For example, if we want to put or remove WhatsApp notifications on the home screen, we will click on “Customize” (the locations of these options may change slightly from one device to another).

Show Notifications With Lock Screen

We must activate the option “Show Notifications On Lock Screen” .

We will know that we have done it correctly because a preview that they are already active will appear in the lock panel .

If you have had any problem to activate notifications on the lock screen of your mobile, you can always tell me in the comment box. Thank you for sharing my content and I hope to see you again soon.