How to turn your mobile into a laser sword

In the Google Play application store we can find all kinds of curious applications that will allow us to do things that you did not know like a mobile phone . In fact, in MrAppsGeek we have already talked about some of them, such as: how to turn your mobile into a metal detector , detect pipes in the walls , know what breed a dog is from a photo , recognize songs or even a beer simulator. Today, however, we are going to go a step further because if you are Star Wars fans, I am sure that this application called Lightsaber SimulatorYou will love it since it allows us to turn our Smartphone into a real Jedi lightsaber , let’s see how it works!

When is Geek Pride Day 2023?

On May 25 , 2023 . _

Why is Geek Pride Day celebrated?

This day was imposed by Star Wars fans since on May 25 , 1997 , “A New Hope” was released in theaters, which was the first film in the successful Star Wars saga .

When is World Star Wars Day 2023 celebrated?

On May 4 , 2023 . _

Why is Star Wars Day celebrated?

On May 4 , 1979 , the London Evening newspaper congratulated Margaret Thatcher with the phrase May the 4th Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations» for being the 1st minister of the country.

This phrase is still a play on words which can be translated as “May the force be with you” . That is why fans of the saga awarded this date as World Star Wars Day .

What Is Lightsaber Simulator And What Is It For?

It is a free application that allows us to turn our cell phone into a lightsaber using some sensors such as the accelerometer , speakers, and camera flash to generate noises and flashes.

Download Lightsaber Simulator For Android Free 2023

You can install Light Saber apk directly from the Google Play app store via the link below .

How to turn your mobile into a laser sword easy and fast 2023

The first time we open this lightsaber simulator application we must choose the side of the force :

  1. If we choose the blue laser sword we will assume the role of a Jedi .
  2. While if we choose the red version we will control a Sith knight .

We can move to the right or left to choose the grip of our lightsaber.

Once we have the desired hilt, we must unsheath our mobile laser sword by doing the following:

  1. Press with your finger on the handle of the lightsaber .
  2. The lightsaber will unfold before us with the characteristic noise.

We will be able to move the mobile quickly so that it simulates the noise of swords colliding. In addition, the flash will blink with each clash, which will help to have greater realism.

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