How to uninstall multiple apps on Android

We have been using an Android mobile for some time, not long. When we bought it, it came with several applications installed that, let’s be honest, we don’t use. What can we do? The normal thing is to select one by one and proceed to uninstall it following the classic system.

To carry out the uninstallation of an application on our Android mobile device, mobile phone or tablet, we only have to click on it and, among the options shown, select Uninstall . After confirming the choice, the app will no longer run on the device.

We must take into account, to carry out the above process, that some applications cannot be uninstalled since, depending on the brand and model of the mobile, it is not allowed. These are applications that are considered necessary for the perfect functioning of the device.

If we want to uninstall several applications, we can use the indicated method, repeating it as many times as necessary, or resort to one that allows us to do it all at once. To do this we must do what we indicate below.

Uninstall multiple apps at once on Android

The process to follow for a mass uninstallation of applications is as follows:

  • Click on the Play Store icon on our device.
  • At the top right is the user icon. We click on it.
  • On the screen that is shown, click on Manage apps and devices . We will be shown a section that shows the GB used of the GB in use, for example, 15GB of 115GB in use .
  • If we click on the section indicated above, we will see the list of all installed applications that can be uninstalled. At the bottom of each one is shown the space it occupies and the time that has elapsed since the last use. On the right there is a box that will help us to activate it or not.
  • After selecting the application or applications that we want to delete, we must click on the trash can icon that appears in the upper right part of the screen. Next to said trash can, the number of selected applications and the space occupied by them will be displayed.
  • Clicking on the trash can icon will display a pop-up window indicating that we must confirm the uninstallation of the selected application or applications. We can also cancel the uninstallation in the event that we regret the decision made, or want to make another selection.


How we can observe the indicated method is very easy to use. It is clear that it is valid to uninstall or eliminate several applications and, also, to do it with only one. It is the one we recommend to perform in any uninstallation or deletion of applications, one or more.