How to Unlock Bootloader on Honor 8

If you are the owner of Honor 8 , you will have to know that in order to root this device or install custom recovery , you will have to unlock the bootloader in Honor 8 . So we are going to see how to get the code to unlock it and how to use ADB to unlock the bootloader .

First of all it is necessary that you make a backup of the system . Since unlocking the bootloader will erase all the data on your honor 8 .

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How to get the unlock code for honor 8

  • Go to this page and create an account.
  • Go to the “Downloads”>”Unlock Bootloader” section.
  • Fill in all the S/N , IMEI , product code and model number fields.
  • The code to unlock the Hono 8 will appear on the same page at the bottom.

Connect USB Debugging mode and OEM Unlock mode

  • We go to the settings of our Honor 8 and click on “About the device”.
  • Click on the Android version 7 times until you unlock the “developer options” mode.
  • We go to “developer options”.
  • We connect the OEM Unlock option .

Unlock Bootloader on Honor 8 via ADB

To install ADB on your PC you can see this post from XDA Developers .

  • Plug your Smartphone into your computer via USB
  • Type in the ADB terminal the following command: adb reboot bootloader and press Enter.
  • We will enter Bootloader mode, so we type the following command: ‘fastboot oem unlock [unlock code]’
  • Follow the instructions on the screen faithfully.

Once you have finished reading the instructions, our Honor 8 will restart. If you have any questions, you can consult the Honor 8 forums of Xda Developers .

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Original Source | Xda Developers